Safety Training Topics For Toolbox Talks

We understand the stress of coming up with relevant safety training topics that grab the attention of your team. Nothing good comes from toolbox talk meetings without valuable, worthwhile information applicable to your job site and safety culture.

Here at Light Duty Pathway, we recognize the importance of bringing information that is worth your time of day. That’s why toolbox topics are fully integrated into LDP’s safety program for your convenience. Access our robust library of training topics to alleviate the time-consuming task of creating the agenda for scheduled safety meetings.

Light Duty Pathway guides injured workers through a structured series of safety courses. Facilitate progress and develop growth within your employee while taking time to recover. Here is a preview of some topics Light Duty Pathway covers in-depth.

A Sneak Peek Of LDP’s Toolbox Talk Topics
Bad habits die hard. Simple changes in routine can tremendously affect both efficiency and your worker’s well-being.


Never underestimate the power of a healthy sleep schedule, Inadequate sleep leads to exhaustion and hinders your awareness in the workplace. While it may sound simple, many still avoid taking the necessary steps to implement a healthy sleep schedule into daily life.

Change your schedule to maximize job performance and alertness for workplace hazards. If your employees’ continue having trouble with prioritizing a healthy sleep schedule, advise adjusting evening activities, and potentially taking proper medications. All focused on preparing employees for a successful day of work.

Substance Abuse

Working under an unstable state of mind due to substance abuse puts both the user in danger as well as colleagues. Staying Alert and making responsible, conscious decisions for your team prevents unnecessary incidents and injuries.

Distracted Driving

While driving on the clock, it is important for everyone to practice good common-sense safety habits. Ensure all cell phone use is eliminated. No text, song change, social media notification is worth risking the lives of everyone. Distracted and reckless driving highly prioritized.

Unnecessary incidents from cell phone use are possible to prevent. Everyone takes responsibility whether this is accomplished or not. The life of everyone around you, including your own, is at stake. Make intentional choices while driving and speak up when sharing a vehicle with someone not practicing common-sense safety habits.

Workplace Violence

Everyone deserves to have confidence in stepping into a safe working environment between the members of a company. Physical altercations in the workplace can largely impact the overall confidence and morale of your team. While also creating the potential for liabilities and lawsuits.

Drawing awareness of previous incidents is a great way to educate employees who tend to “stir the pot.” Clearly communicate and identify boundaries. What may be looked at as horseplay or hazing, to begin with, can lead to terrible consequences.

Teaching methods from our Safety Ambassador program on stopping outbreaks and understanding conflict management can prevent lapses in judgment. Encouraging an open-door policy may help employees feel heard and talk through their issues with someone properly trained. Remain prepared mentally for the proper next steps in such a situation. Be the leader your company needs to resolve conflicts and bring unity back into the workplace.


Encourage healthy living habits for your workers to prevent their bodies from breaking down. Without a functioning body, there is little work besides that found in our return to work with restrictions letter program. Strength and conditioning can be the difference between a healthy employee progressing in the company. and a disgruntled injured worker no longer able to contribute.

Hazardous Conditions

Increase awareness of the environment and safety hazards your employees are surrounded by during a work shift. Environmental conditions determine factors such as clothing type, personal protective equipment, and safety procedures. It’s best for those who work outdoors to facilitate training and awareness of unpredictable environmental conditions. Workers are reliant on your judgment and expertise to properly educate and protect them from hazardous conditions, reducing overall risk.

The dangers of an outdoor workspace and strenuous physical demands can eliminate some of the most vital personnel on your team. Understanding the extra attention required to prevent exhaustion and increase consistency is mandatory. Therefore, practicing safety procedures in the field brings value to both your company and your employees.

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Home Massage Service Tips for Legal Guardians

Professional legal guardians provide countless services to individuals under their care. One of their biggest responsibilities is securing professional services from reputable vendors on behalf of their clients. This basic guide will discuss the growing trend of guardians utilizing in home massage service providers, including some of the salient issues to be considered when selecting a vendor.

Many legal guardians care for individuals with special needs or disabilities, both mental and physical. Awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage has increased in recent years, along with a growing body of research proving its clear therapeutic value. Legal guardians have also increasingly discovered that massage can often greatly improve health and quality of life for their clients, both physically and psychologically.

To name just a few of the more notable physical benefits; massage therapy provides relief from pain and discomfort related to specific conditions or injuries, significantly increases blood circulation and improves skin condition (especially for those who are bed or wheelchair bound) and stimulates the nervous system – helping to keep the body and mind connected from head to toe.

Psychologically, the impact of caring human touch, genuine compassion and companionship cannot be underestimated.

Allowing the mind and body to de-stress together is also hugely important for overall health and immunity.

These benefits and others are greatly multiplied with regular, ongoing weekly or bi-weekly treatments.

When it comes to arranging massage services in general, one of the challenges many legal guardians face is that their clients are often homebound or have some difficult patronizing a massage establishment due to a disability. This makes it not a luxury, but an imperative to find a professional, reputable and trustworthy in home massage service provider that is capable of accommodating a client’s needs at their own residence.

My company, Body Well Therapy, is a mobile massage specialist, and over the past few years we have joined with a number of professional legal guardians to provide on-site massage services at private residences and assisted living facilities. We have seen clients who range from being severely physically disabled to those in hospice, to those with living trusts who are generally healthy yet unable to manage their own personal affairs.

Having gained some expertise in this niche, I would like to offer some tips for any professional legal guardian seeking out an at home massage service provider. I am clearly biased towards using a professionally managed service like my own versus a solo practitioner, but I have tried to present the issues with some degree of objectivity.

Key questions and considerations in seeking an in home massage service:
Is the provider a mobile massage specialist? Most massage therapists either enjoy performing mobile massage, or they do not. Better to stick with one who likes this type of work to begin with rather than coaxing someone outside of their comfort zone. The latter will be more likely to miss sessions or eventually flake out.
Is the provider reputable? Are there any legitimate public reviews, Better Business Bureau or other accredit
Does the therapist hold a valid state license or certification where required by law? All but a few states have requirements.
Does the therapist carry individual professional liability insurance? Professional liability insurance for massage therapists is extremely inexpensive (as little as $99 a year for millions of dollars in coverage), because serious adverse incidents are very rare. There is no excuse for a serious professional therapist not to hold a current policy.
If the service is being arranged by a company that subcontracts the therapist, does the company itself have a separate corporate umbrella liability insurance policy?
Does the therapist have any experience working with special needs and disabled individuals?
Prior to agreeing to perform the at home massage service, has the therapist been fully informed as to the extent of the individual’s physical and/or psychological profile, and indicated that they are completely comfortable with the situation?
Does the therapist have a temperament that will be compatible with the client’s personality or any relevant psychological issues? (While this is an important question and something to consider, it is often also difficult to predict how the therapist and client will “gel”).
If things go well and everyone wishes to continue with therapy on an ongoing basis, will the therapist be able to arrange for, and commit to a regular schedule?
If your client (or you as the guardian) feels that the therapist originally selected is not a good fit, what are your options? Do you mind starting the search and the subsequent vetting process over again to find another independent therapist? Or would it be more convenient to work through a managed service that does the searching and vetting for you? This may be pertinent not only in terms of permanently replacing a therapist, but also in case a substitute therapist is required when the primary therapist is unavailable or out of town, sick, etc. If you are working through a good agency, one phone call or email may get the job done, whereas if you are working with an independent therapist you are essentially back to square one if the primary massage therapist becomes unavailable.
Is the provider easy to reach and communicate with? This is important not only for coordinating services, but also when it comes to any billing questions, cancellations, emergencies, etc. A provider with a staff and systems in place may be more likely to respond to questions and requests in a timely fashion than a solo practitioner.
Will the provider be able to comply with your invoicing and payment requirements? Not all massage therapists accept credit or debit cards, or offer professional invoicing with a willingness to wait for payments.
These are some of the more significant issues for professional legal guardians to consider when arranging in home massage services.

In my own (again, admittedly biased) opinion, working with a reputable agency can make the process of obtaining in home massage service for special needs and disabled individuals much more convenient and provide some greater peace of mind for a professional legal guardian. While it may cost an extra $20-$40 per visit (our average fee, all-inclusive for these clients is usually $100 per 60 minute in home massage visit), guardians may find the additional cost well worth it when considering the bigger picture.

In home massage service for legal guardians can be arranged virtually anywhere in the entire United States! Please contact us by phone or email to ask any additional questions or to discuss how we may be able to assist you and your valued clients.

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Court Documents Show Gailen David Admits to Menacing Acts

Court documents uploaded and released by former television host Gailen David’s attorney on Monday, February 8, 2021, reveal admissions that David took actions against his former business partners and company that he previously denied.

During preliminary hearings held in August 2020 and a two part evidentiary hearing held in September 2020 in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida, former production company co-owner and travel show co-host, Gailen David, denied owning the website “On The Move” and publishing the articles which appear on the site stating that he was merely “quoted” in news stories. Although the posts on the website are published with quotes from David in a news-like format, referring to him as a subject within the narrative, when asked through a series of interrogatories whether or not he owned the website he replied “admit” and when asked if he published the content on the website, he also replied “admit,” therefore affirming that he authored the posts referring to himself in third-person.

In subsequent questions David also admitted to contacting clients of his former production company, while also admitting he was no longer a partner or television host when doing so. David’s attorney later states that David admits to sending his former colleagues a message stating ““I expect to be unblocked by all of you today on cellular phone, Facebook Messenger. Otherwise, I’ll pass communications to you through your friends, family, business associates, etc…”” Those communications occurred along the same timeline in which he created Twitter accounts that sent numerous messages, a keystone focus of this case, to his former colleagues and their personal and business contacts on the platform. David admitted to creating each Twitter account in question and also admitted to authoring “all posted tweets” from each account.

Another revelation comes when David is asked about a bank transaction “alert” that he claims to have received. In a police report filed in Loudoun County, Virginia by David in April 2020 against one of his former colleagues he alleged he received “emails alerting me of suspicious activity (payments to persons I do not know).” However, during the evidentiary hearing in September 2020, David’s own attorney had the former colleague in question read a series of Facebook communications dated January 27, 2020 in which David asked the former co-worker about the transaction and specifically named the person to whom the transactions were made, and the former colleague then replied with an explanation of the transaction. In the new documents, Gailen David once again specifically names the person at the core of the bank transaction but says he cannot “admit or deny” that he alleged larceny and theft because “it is Mr. David’s belief that it was the police department that inserted “Larceny/Theft” and that ” the police department personnel took notes and input Mr. David’s statements in a general form and not word-for-word.” However, the police report was filed online and contains a narrative written by Mr. David.

The litigation continues in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade and a temporary injunction remains in effect against David enjoining him from making, posting, publishing, or otherwise disseminating any defamatory or disparaging statements or communications relating to En Pointe Productions and its principle members until further Order of the Court. Further, he may not contact, in anyway, any of clients or business partners of En Pointe.

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